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Web of Science platform: Publons

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Track Your Peer Review Work with a Free Publons Profile

Click the Publons link from the top navigation bar in Web of Science

Join hundreds of thousands of researchers worldwide using Publons to effortlessly:

•             keep a verified record of all your peer review and editorial work;

•             track citations and Altmetric scores for papers you've authored, reviewed or edited;

•             comment on, score and follow the Altmetrics and citations of published research;

•             download a personalized and verified record of all your work, for inclusion in your CV.

Become a Master of Peer Review with Publons Academy

The Publons Academy is free, online, and practical course that equips you with the essential skills you need to become a master of peer review. Graduates of the course receive an official certificate and endorsement demonstrating their competency as a peer reviewer in their field. The course is made up of 10 modules taking between 1 - 1.5 hours each.  

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About Publons

Publons was founded as a free service to help researchers keep a verified record of all their previously hidden peer review activity and editorial contributions. In 2017, Publons joined Clarivate Analytics — home of Web of Science and Researcher ID.

Now over 250,000 researchers use Publons to effortlessly keep a record of all their prestigious work: publications, peer reviews, editorial board memberships and awards — all in one place. Better yet, it's largely automated, giving you more time to carry out research.