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Web of Science Raw Data (XML)

User guide for Web of Science raw data

Events featuring Web of Science data use

Upcoming events

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Past events

  • International Conference On Knowledge Management  – October 25-27, 2017. Dallas, TX
  • Web of Science Citation Big Data Workshops – June 2017 (June 14, 20, 22)
    Clarivate Analytics wish to invite you to participate in one of 3 different 1-day workshops focused on Web of Science citation data, APIs, and system integration. These will be interactive, lively, and informal sessions where the Clarivate Analytics Web of Science team, along with customers and partners, will discuss the Web of Science citation network as a research dataset, and share examples and experiences using APIs to integrate Web of Science data with other systems. Plus, use cases of innovation and research projects using Web of Science data from around the world will be presented including both an overview of emerging trends in big data citation analytics and the ways that Clarivate Analytics are leveraging and embracing these technologies.
  • 2017 Data Science Research Symposium (April 27, 2017). PURPOSE. Sponsored by the Center for Data Science at UMass Amherst, the Data Science Research Symposium showcases active university-industry research partnerships, provides a forum for technical exchange and professional networking among data science researchers across industry and academia, and facilitates new collaborative efforts to tackle emerging research challenges of practical importance.
    • Featuring a Workforce Analytics Workshop from 1:00pm-5:00pm, including Jason Rollins, Senior Director of Innovation, Clarivate Analytics, presenting.
  • Topic Extraction Challenge - A Web of Science comparative topic identification exercise.
    • We invite you to participate in the comparative topic extraction challenge!

      We invite you to join the topic extraction challenge and learn about the state of art in topic extraction in bibliometrics through systematic comparison of topic extraction approaches applied by the various groups in the field and beyond. If there are enough participants, we plan to run sessions on the comparative exercise at the next ISSI conferences and dedicated workshops. We hope that many of you will take up the challenge and thus contribute to cumulative progress in bibliometrics.

  • "Web of Science Big Data Blooms in Bloomington" - Science Research Connect (13 December 2016)