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InCites Benchmarking & Analytics: I am a Funder

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics is a research analytics tool.

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Funding Data

InCites B&A is sourced from Web of Science Core Collection, which means that the funding data available for your analysis depends on the funding data capture for WoS Core Collection content. Here are some key points for InCites users:

  • Clarivate Analytics started capturing funding agency names and grant numbers from an article's acknowledgements section for the Science Citation Index-Expanded content in 2008. Agencies and grants numbers are not standardized in WoS Core Collection; they are captured as listed by the author in the funding text. 
  • Funding capture for the Social Sciences Citation Index started in 2015.

Standardized Funding Agencies in InCites B&A:  For the Funding Agencies explorer, selected funders from around the world are standardized. We do behind-the-scenes work to map name variations for the same funder to a standardized version, which is visible in the Funding Agencies explorer. 

*Note, if you are applying the Funding Agency filter in another explorer in InCites, make sure that you add the standardized form of the agency name. This will ensure that your analysis of supported work is comprehensive for that funder. You can verify the standardized form in the Funding Agencies explorer.*

For more information on funding data, comparing funders, co-funding analyses, and filtering on non-standard funders, please see the Funding Agency Analyses Guide.

Using InCites to Support Program Evaluation

Learn how to apply citation and collaboration metrics to evaluate grant outcomes, explore publishing trends, and identify potential grant reviewers.