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Web of Science platform: CAB Abstracts & Global Health

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What are CAB Abstracts and Global Health?

CAB Abstracts Global Health
CAB Abstracts is the most comprehensive source of international research across the applied life sciences. Produced by CABI, it covers over 8,000 rigorously selected serials, books, and conference proceedings to give access to millions of records across agriculture, the environment, plant health, veterinary science, leisure tourism and nutrition. Global Health is the definitive international public health database, giving researchers and students unparalleled access to all the world’s relevant public health research and practice. Produced by CABI, it completes the picture of international medical and health research by providing unmatched access to all the world’s relevant public health research and practice, including environmental and occupational health, nutrition, health and wellbeing, diseases and entomology, and ageing.

When connected to the multidisciplinary citations on the Web of Science platform, CAB Abstracts  and Global Health become so much more.

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