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Web of Science Core Collection: Saving, Alerting, and Managing Results

Web of Science Core Collection is a painstakingly selected, actively curated database of the journals that researchers themselves have judged to be the most important and useful in their fields.

Updates to Alerting in Web of Science

We’ve recently updated Web of Science alerting to make it more flexible and easier to use.

  • NEW: All Database Alerting: Set one alert across all collections in your Web of Science subscription.
  • One Click Access: Go directly to the Web of Science platform for ALL the records returned in your alert.
  • Alerts are delivered directly to your email (or multiple email addresses) in an easy to read format, suitable for viewing on your mobile device.
  • Alerts no longer expire: Just set it and let it run.
  • We’ve redesigned the Alerts Management page to make it easier to manage your all your search, citation, and table of contents alerts.

Note: It’s still possible to set an alert for any active email address, or multiple email addresses, but users will need Web of Science access to see all the records in the alert.

Any problems with alerts? Please contact our tech support desk.

Saving (and revisiting) your Searches

Saving a search is a way to return to that search as many times as needed to complete your work.  Web of Science stores the search statement you use in your personal profile, so that you can always return to it and edit, or rerun it against different time periods or parameters. 

You can create complex queries by combining many searches together in your Search History, then save the combinations so they don't have to be recreated each time you come into Web of Science.  We keep your searches indefinitely, so you have complete control.


Create an Alert

Your profile also allows you to save alerts that notify you of updates in the data.  There are three kinds of alerts:

  • Search Alerts - save a search and establish a daily, weekly or monthly email notification when new publications are added that match
  • Citation Alerts - have a favorite or important article you want to track?  We'll notify you when it receives new citations.
  • Table of Contents Alerts - subscribers to our Current Contents Connect database can set up TOC alerts for their favorite journals all in one place.

Managing your Results: Saving to a Marked List & Exporting Options

The Marked List page stores records selected from your search results.  After marking records, you can save your Marked List and return to it later.  Save up to 50 Marked Lists with up to 50,000 records per list.  In order to save, you must be logged into your Web of Science personal profile.

Use the Marked List to:

  • Store your search results - it's not always possible to finish your search in one session, and marking records for your next visit to Web of Science helps you pick up where you left off.
  • Group articles together you want to analyze - gather the perfect set of publications, then use Analyze to understand trends across them, or use Citation Report to reveal the articles that cite your selections.
  • Create a custom set of items to export. There are lots of export options - send to EndNote for later use in writing a paper, print, email or even export to InCites Benchmarking & Analytics for detailed citation analysis.

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