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Web of Science Raw Data (XML)

User guide for Web of Science raw data

Use cases

Examples of papers published by some of our WoS data customers:

Changing demographics of scientific careers: The rise of the temporary workforce
Staša Milojević, Filippo Radicchi, and John P. Walsh
PNAS December 11, 2018 115 (50) 12616-12623; published ahead of print December 11, 2018
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1800478115

Atypical Combinations and Scientific Impact
Brian Uzzi, Satyam Mukherjee, Michael Stringer, Ben Jones
Science  25 Oct 2013: Vol. 342, Issue 6157, pp. 468-472
DOI: 10.1126/science.1240474

A New Method for Identifying Recombinations of Existing Knowledge Associated with High-  Impact Innovation*
Satyam Mukherjee, Brian Uzzi, Ben Jones, and Michael Stringer

Attention to Local Health Burden and the Global Disparity of Health Research
James A. Evans, Jae-Mahn Shim, John P. A. Ioannidis
Published: April 1, 2014

Open risk assessment: data
Mary B. Gilsenan, Fabrizio Abbinante, Eileen O’Dea, Ana Canals, and Angelika Tritscher
2016 European Food Safety Authority. EFSA Journal published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd

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