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Web of Science - SINTA integration: Indonesia

A one stop shop to integrate your SINTA ID with Web of Science data through the Publons researcher profile.

Go to Publons

Your Web of Science ResearcherID is managed in a single, easy-to-use, profile on Publons:

  1. Login to Publons or register if you don't have a Publons account
  2. Update the settings to improve publication matching
  3. Claim papers and proceedings indexed in the Web of Science
  4. Next steps and FAQs


Support, getting help

If you need help with access and management of your Publons account: contact our Tech support team:

1 - Login

You already have a Publons account?

Enter your existing login details to Sign In

Not registered yet?
Not sure?
You can't remember your credentials?

Enter your SINTA registered email or the email that you usually include in research papers you author.

Click Register and we'll check if you haven't already registered.

If we can't find an existing account, we'll start registration.


It is important to avoid creating a  new account if you already have one. 

2 - Settings

Publons settings

To improve accuracy of the matched papers, make sure to add details in your account settings:

  • click on Profile to edit:
    • Full name
    • Alternative publishing names (including maiden names and any names you used in research papers you author.)
  • click on Affiliations to edit:
    • Institution affiliations, current and past.
  • click on Email to:
    • add your email addresses used when publishing (professional emails). Add older email addresses as they will be used to verify review receipts and help attribute papers to your profile.

3 - Publications

My publications

To claim Web of Science papers, click on Publications in the left-hand menu of your Private dashboard, and start Import Publications Publons: import publications

In the section “Import from Web of Science”, the system will prompt you if any of your WOS papers were found.
Click on See my Web of Science Publications to check the list of papers if papers have been matched.

Publons: import from WOS

Select the papers that are authored by you. Then click on Import selected Publications.

Publons: select WOS publications

Next steps and FAQs

Where is my Web of Science ResearcherID?

Copy your Web of Science researcher ID available at to your SINTA profile

Publons RID

Sync Web of Science publications directly from your SINTA profile, using the ResearcherID

New users who don't have Web of Science papers yet will receive an email with their new ResearcherID
Your profile is now available with this URL: (an example of a Publons public profile here)

What about updates?

Regularly update your Publons Profile to claim newly published papers (step # 3 - Publications)