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Librarian Toolkit: Copy our LibGuides

Steps to copy our LibGuides into your own system

If you want to take our LibGuides and make them your own, please do!  

1. Start in your own LibGuides system - log in and navigate to Content => Guides => Create Guide

2. Choose "Copy content/layout from an existing guide"

3. Select the "Community Guides" radio button

4. Search for the name of the guide you want to copy (e.g. InCites).  You'll see a list of any guides that are available in the LibGuides Community to be copied. Choose an author from Clarivate Analytics to be sure you're getting a guide created by one of our expert trainers.

5.  When you copy the guide, all of the content assets will be copied into your own system.  Then you can use the entire guide as/is or choose certain assets to copy into your own existing guides.  

6.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.  Watch the video on this page to show you these steps in action.


How to Copy our LibGuides