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Institute for Scientific Information Global Research Reports and Insights papers

Cover of Annual G 20 Scorecard Research Performance August 2023
Cover of Unpacking research profiles: Moving beyond metrics June 2023
Insights: Coronavirus - A 21st century research phenomenon May 2023
Cover of U.S. research trends: The impact of globalization and collaboration - April 2023
Cover of The Annual G20 Scorecard - Research Performance 2022
Cover of A study of energy in transition - October 2022
Cover of Research assessment: Origins, evolution, outcomes - October 2022
Cover Ocean Science: sustainability concerns add urgency for research - July 2022
Cover of Climate change research collaboration - May 2022

What is ISI?

The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) builds on the work of Dr. Eugene Garfield – the original founder and pioneer of information science. Named after the company he founded – the forerunner of the Web of Science – ISI was reestablished in 2018 and serves as a home for analytic expertise, guided by his legacy and adapted to respond to technological advances. For more information, read The History of ISI.