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Which Clarivate products do you have access to?

Clarivate tools support every step of the research process.  This guide will show you how to make the best use of them, but first you need to determine which of our products you have access to through your institution. The best source for this information is going to be your librarian, but you can also find out on your own by following the steps on this page.

Web of Science is a platform consisting of several literature search databases designed to support scientific and scholarly research.

Note: Your institution's entitlement to the Web of Science platform may not include all these databases.

There are databases with a subject focus like Medline, BIOSIS Citation Index, and Zoological Record; databases with a document type focus like Derwent Innovations Index (patents) and Data Citation Index (datasets and data studies); and databases highlighting content from regions around the world.

Web of Science Core Collection is our premier resource on the platform and includes over 21,000 peer-reviewed, high-quality scholarly journals published worldwide (including Open Access journals); over 205,000 conference proceedings; and over 104,000 editorially selected books.

Search across all databases on the platform to find content spanning multiple disciplines, document types, and formats. Discover the citation connections between these diverse content sets. Explore the more than one billion searchable cited references in Web of Science.


Web of Science is available only via entitlement through your institution.

To find out if you have access to Web of Science, go to this URL while onsite at your institution:

If you are taken to this landing page, then you have access to the Web of Science:

If you don't see the Web of Science landing page, it could be a technical issue so it's still a good idea to ask your librarian if you have access.

Next, click on the database selector and make a note of all the databases you have access to on the Web of Science platform. They will be listed under "All Databases."

The InCites platform


The InCites platform consists of three research analytics tools:

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics is a customized, web-based research evaluation tool that can help you analyze productivity, monitor collaboration activity, and identify influential researchers at the institutional, regional, funder, and topic level.

Journal Citation Reports is an annual report that provides various metrics and indicators, based on citation activity, to help you evaluate the impact and influence of over 11,000 rigorously selected, high-impact journals sourced from the Web of Science Core Collection.

Essential Science Indicators is an analytics tool that identifies top performing papers, authors, institutions, countries, and journals across 22 broad disciplines based on citation thresholds.


InCites is available only via entitlement through your institution.

To find out if you have access to InCites Benchmarking & Analytics, go to this URL while onsite at your institution:

If you see a page with a prompt to sign in (see below), then this means you have access.

If you don't see this prompt to sign in, it could be a technical issue so it's still a good idea to ask your librarian if you have access.

To find out if you have access to Journal Citation Reports and Essential Science Indicators, go to the URLs below while onsite at your institution. JCR and ESI do not require a sign-in, so if you are taken right into the product, then you know you have access.


EndNote is reference management software with features to—

  • Keep all your references and reference-related materials in a searchable personal library.
  • Synchronize your references between up to three of your personal computers, an online library, and your iPad, through EndNote sync. (You must be the owner and user of all three computers.)

  • Share your references with collaborators through EndNote sync.

  • Use your references in word-processing documents to create formatted citations and bibliographies or independent reference lists.

EndNote X9


EndNote is available via single-user license or a volume license.

If your institution has a site license for EndNote--the current version is X8--then you may find it available for download on your institution's IT software page for students, faculty, and/or employees. If you can't find EndNote or aren't sure you have access to it, you can always check with your IT department or your librarian.

Another possibility is that you have access to EndNote through your department. Your department's admin office or IT staff would be good contacts for this information.

If you've determined you don't have EndNote through your department or institution, and you decide at a later point you want your own copy, you can purchase a single-user license. Check your bookstore, first, if you are at an academic institution, as it may be discounted there. You can also buy EndNote from Clarivate Analytics or our international resellers. This link has info on buying EndNote (student pricing is available):

To help you decide, we provide a free 30-day trial of EndNote:

EndNote online

There is an online version of EndNote that is not as robust or fully-featured as the desktop version of EndNote. EndNote online is geared towards someone at the undergraduate level, who is writing one or two papers a year. Most Web of Science entitlements include EndNote online.

If you start with EndNote online but decide at a later time you need the more powerful desktop solution, it is possible to transfer all your work to the desktop version of EndNote.

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